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Well, it finally happened! I released a new video (since my almost 90,000 views Hanging Tree Youtube video). I wanted to make a tribute video for Women in Country and show everyone that girls can still jam and rock out! (Refer to #saladgate) So I picked my favorite artist’s, Johnny Cash, song Folsom Prison Blues. I’ve been playing this song for 13 years now and I hope you enjoy it as much as I love playing it! Please SHARE my video!

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“It was an honor to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Promise Gala.” -Danielle

A few weeks ago, the JDRF committee called me and asked that I join them for an elegant evening in the Omni Nashville Hotel. Standing tall in Downtown Nashville attached to the Country Music Hall of Fame, the hotel was gleaming top to bottom ready for an unforgettable night. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation hosted its annual Promise Gala to raise money and awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. As I pulled into the valet parking area, I was treated as royalty, like all of the Omni’s guests, and was shown to my personal stage through the Broadway Ballroom and into the Grandview Terrace that looked over Fifth Avenue and in view of the new Music City Center. I knew immediately this was a night I was never going to forget. As my performance began, men and women adorned with gowns and tuxes flowed into the room with drinks in hand.

I played a variety of songs, including my own originals: “Better Than I Deserve”, “Flying Away”, “Our Indiana Home”, and “Where I’m Coming From”. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and each song was followed by applause. We were rockin’ out to “Wagon Wheel” and Johnny Cash and some were enjoying themselves on the dance floor. I would like to thank Linda Davis for helping me prepare for this glamorous evening. Having performed for a JDRF event before, she knew exactly what they were looking for. I couldn’t have played a better show without her.

The night ended with a room full of applause, hand shakes, new fans, and compliments. I certainly will never forget that night.

There will be many more performances this summer, and I hope that I will get to see each and every one of you this year. Please take a look at my website’s calendar and mark down when I will be close by!
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I’ve noticed that post about my Nashville adventures was months ago. So I decided to kind of summarize what has happened.

Back in November I met a guy who is a producer in Nashville. Now, he’s not just a producer, this is a guy who has personally met Ray Charles, a friend of Carl Perkins, and worked with practically EVERYONE. He’s even the pianist of the song, “Wind Beneath My Wings”!!

Anyways, I feel really good about this and in good hands.

He’s already gotten to meet so many people! Such as vocal instructor Judy Rodman, Merle Haggard’s main writer, Red Lane, singer John Wesley, the archivist and historian of the Country Music Hall of Fame, singer/songwriter Leslie Ellis, singer/songwriter Holland Anderson, and singer Micki Fuhrman.

And I even got to me the famous LARRY GATLIN!!! Larry Gatlin, from the Gatlin Brothers, is a legend. Look him up, you’ll see what I mean. My producer took me to the Bluebird and I got to hear him sing…and this man sings like a bird! Larry came up to me and asked if we could write a song together someday. Let’s just say, I’m very excited for the upcoming events!

With these new contacts and mentors in my doorway, I can’t wait to officially move down to Nashville!!

(check my other post on how that’s going)

Until next time, my friends!

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Well the time has come! 

I’m old. Well…I’m growing up, I just graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Theatre and Drama, a Certificate in Arts Administration and all from Indiana University. CLASS OF 2014!! Woohoo! Freedom, baby!

Well, kinda.. now that I’ve moved back home in good ol’ Southern Indiana, it was time to consider my steps to get to my future. One of those was making the big move. I’ve recently been looking all over Nashville for places to stay. I called a few places, and was set up with some duplexes and townhouses in my budget, but that ended me in bad neighborhoods and cockroach filled houses. Blegh! 

And just when I was about to give up, I found a place in the suburbs of the Ville of Nash, it has a lake view, it’s a town home, it’s in a quiet neighborhood, and it has everything close by! Theaters, a Cheddars (yum!), Aldi, parks, a $10/month gym, and even a Catholic church nearby for my Sundays! So here I am….waiting for the application to be approved…and I’m so nervous! (Even though I have no problems with credit history or background checks) But still! I gotta move in like…NOW! Why is it taking sooooo long?! Ok, it’s been 24 hours…but still… I need to know if I’m going to be living my dream in Music City or not! 

In the meantime, I’m going to be competing in my local country showdown, playing at local wineries and festivals! Hope to see you there! Check where I’ll be next at

Until next time, my friends! 

Ever had a dream to meet your favorite star? I do, and I’m pulling all the stops to do just that! Help me by watching and SHARING this video to your friends, Kip Moore pages, and radio stations!

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Being in college, I recently had the opportunity to grab myself a free ticket to go to a Meryl Streep lecture the other day. I had to stand in line for an hour to get it, but I had the privilege to meet two fantastic ladies in front of me who were intrigued by what I was holding: a book called the Long Tail that I must read before spring break for my Music Industry class. I told them what it was about and what we have been learning in class so far. Downloads are declining,  streaming is the go-to, touring can bring in the most money for artists these days, etc.

We all had a wonderful conversation and they were surprised I had mentioned a man called J.R Cash (Johnny Cash), let alone sing his music. They kept asking questions about what I do, what am I planning to do, and it they responded enthusiastically when they heard I was a singer. We were almost to the end of the line and we finally introduced ourselves, the two ladies were Susan and Julianna. They were so delighted about our conversation that they wanted to come hear me play sometime, I told them about my upcoming performance at a local pub, Player’s Pub of Bloomington, IN in April (check it out on my website) and they said they hope to be there.

The most important thing they said throughout the entire time was the last thing they said to me: “You are going to go far, I just know it. I haven’t even heard you sing yet, but there’s something about you that can light up a room.”

I. Was. Flattered…and stunned at the same time. It’s funny what small talk can do!

Moral of the story is: be nice to people, learn about them, make someone’s day just by small talk or just a smile. I happened to gain two supporters for it, but most importantly two friends. This goes for everyone, not just artists, because you never know whose day you are going to make next, and they just might make your day in return.

Thanks for reading!
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In early January of this year (2014), I had the opportunity to spend the week in Nashville with producer, Ron Oates from Jes Fine Productions. What he had in store for me was beyond my imagination.

Day 1:

The first day, I had the privilege to write with Judy Rodman, a successful country singer with a chart topper in 1986 with “Until I Met You”, she also wrote LeAnn Rimes song from the “Blue” album called, “One Way Ticket.” I could go on and on…but for more info, here’s Judy’s wiki:

 We both had a wonderful time and we had so much fun 3 hours flew by quickly. We started by getting to know each other and Judy asked me what I would like to write about. I had no really good ideas, but she taught me a valuable lesson: look at your life in the past, present or future and write about it. So she asked me some questions like what audience I target or what audience are attracted to my music, and what messages I would like to give in my songs, and what was my life like growing up. 

I started talking about my life in high school, how I never really did fit in in my graduating class and had to find friends that were usually order than I was. I never was in the “in crowd” or “popular” and I believe it was not only my quirky personality, but also because I was torn between the music/artsy groups and between the jock/sports groups. I was playing Varsity sports the first two years of my high school career (basketball and softball) and was in choir, playing guitar, involved in the musicals, and more. I just never felt like I fit in. 

And so…we started writing a song called “A Crowd of Eagles”. It’s about finding yourself and making choices for you and not for others. I hope it inspires someone someday.